Working with Emotion

Working with Emotions and Their Positive and Negative Effects

Emotion from the lower self Emotion from the higher self
Originating in the personality, created in the lower mind, and focused in the solar plexus Originating in the soul, created in the higher mind, and focused in the heart center
Fear, anger, hatred, frustration, competitiveness, judgment, criticism, desire, greed, pain, jealousy, envy, selfishness, insecurity, separateness, sadness, deceit, guilt, shame, hurt, impatience, remorse, grief, intolerance, emptiness
Love, compassion, altruism, unity, gratitude, patience, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, joy, generosity, inner tranquility, fulfillment, well-being
Emotion emanating from the personality is a fear or scarcity-based reaction. Emotion emanating from the soul is the initiator of unity and compassion
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