Silver Buoy

To be used for:

  • Places where people are unfriendly
  • With people who drain your energy
  • In any situation where you feel uncomfortable

Visualize a silver light shaped like a tire inner-tube that surrounds your body from the level of your sternum to your waist, covering both your heart and solar plexus charkas. This method of protection is recommended for frequent use. It will protect the two charkas that are the most vulnerable to others’ energy. In contrast to the white light shield, which creates separateness, the silver buoy method will still allow exchange of energy with others.

Bubble Of White Light

To be used for:

  • Places of danger
  • When energetically attacked by others
  • In any situation where you feel particularly vulnerable

Imagine a white light surrounding your entire body as if you were putting yourself in a bubble of light. This method is to be used only occasionally, or for a short period of time, because of its separative nature. It will prevent others from entering your energy field, but it will also prevent you from interacting with theirs.

Grace From the Inside Out

To be used for:

  • Clearing and protection
  • To re-balance your energy field
  • As protection for a harmonious interaction with others
  • Recommended for anyone practicing healing

Visualize a golden light coming from above you head. Bring it down into your head, then to your throat and heart. Then visualize this golden light expanding to every cell of your body. Next expand it even further outside your body, until you are in the center of a ball of golden light.