Time of Global Transformation

We live in a sea of energy, and the rays of divinity are its currents

Global Transformation We are living in a time of global transformation; an age in which everything is changing and everyone is affected. The accelerated pace of change and the challenge to adapt internally and externally is felt by each of us.

Many ancient cultures and civilizations, such as Hindu, Tibetan, Native American, Mayan, and Egyptian, are pointing to our present times as a period of great transition for the earth and humanity. The next few years will be important. Energy coming from the cosmos is pushing the Earth in its evolution, and we all have a part to play. Intention is the basis for every creation, therefore our individual and combined mental intentions are the basis for what happens next. Nature is in constant evolution and we cannot stop that great process; however, we will affect the outcome with our intentions and with the choices we make in manifesting those intentions, for good or ill. Resisting change can be both painful and more difficult than choosing to work on ourselves, and therefore transforming the world around us.

We can determine the quality of our experience by choosing to be thoughtful and aware and by bridging the best of science with the best of the world’s spiritual knowledge.

The decision to move away from fear-based responses of the past and into a better world will combine clarity of thought with understanding, compassion, and unity of heart. We can create the world we all long for by using our minds and hearts in a new way which moves with, rather than resisting, the evolutionary energy. Through balancing our own energy, we balance the earth.