The Energetic Composition of the Body

The Energetic Composition of the Body

We are multi-dimensional beings composed of seven levels of energy, vibrating at different rates. From lowest vibration to highest, the seven levels are:

  1. The Physical/Etheric Level
  2. The Emotional Level
  3. The Lower Mental Level
  4. The Astral Level
  5. The Higher Mental Level
  6. The Buddhic Level
  7. The Spirit Level

The physical bodyis the densest part vibrating at the lowest rate and therefore visible to everyone.
Chakras are vortices of energy located in the etheric body (the first layer around the physical body).
The endocrine system is the physical correspondence to those energy centers. The glandular system is the medium of distribution of energy throughout the body.
Energy comes into and out of the body through the chakras. The energy leaving our body is affected by our own substance and mixes with the energy of others around us. They in turn affect this energy with their own substance, and so on and so forth. Through this we can better understand how we influence one another and how we all are connected energetically.

Table Describing the Energetic Body

The first 3 levels compose the physical body:
Chakra Physical \ Energetic level Function Health Influences
1 Root Adrenal gland / Etheric body Survival, foundation of values Bone, blood
2 Sacral Sexual glands (gonads) / Emotional body Emotion re: sex, relationships, and money Sex organs, bladder, kidneys, intestines, lower back
3 Solar Plexus Pancreas & spleen / Lower mental body Concrete knowledge and personal power Higher lumbar area, stomach, liver, pancreas
The next (4th) level is also called the veil. It separates the
physical selves from the spiritual selves. It is composed of all thought and
emotion of humanity.
4 Heart Thymus gland / Astral plane Harmony, ideals, unconditional love Spine between shoulder blades, heart, lungs when Chronic condition
The next 3 levels are the spiritual levels, the eternal parts of
our being:
5 Throat Thyroid gland / Higher mind, causal body Active intelligence, will, development of consciousness Throat, ears, lungs, mouth, neck, shoulders
6 Brow Pituitary gland / 6th level or Buddhic plane Higher vision, wisdom, Oversoul (encompassing all individual souls) Eyes, sinuses
7 Crown Pineal gland / 7th level or spirit plane Will to good, universal oneness, divine will related to our purpose Brain function

The Physical Body

The first three levels of energy ( the Etheric, Emotional, and Lower Mental) are the mold for our physical body, therefore our thoughts and emotions condition our physical form, either bringing vitality or illness. We can easily see this if for example, one becomes depressed. Often the physical appearance will change, either gaining or losing weight, thus changing the shape of the physical body. The physical body is therefore the reflection of our mental and emotional state.Even though we’re not always aware of it, our interactions with one another are dependent upon our vibrational responses to each other. We have all had the experience of feeling especially connected to a particular person even though it might be our first encounter with them, or, on the contrary, an instant dislike of someone we have never met before. Those are vibrational responses.

Now let’s go beyond the physical bodies and perceptions to the higher planes of consciousness.

The Astral Body

The Astral Plane is the veil that separates our physical being from our spiritual being. This design allows us to have a full experience in physical reality, without the consciousness of past lives experiences. It also safeguards us from accessing capabilities that the soul possesses before the personality has developed the wisdom to use them safely, therefore avoiding negative karma. This level is composed of all the thoughts and feelings of humanity. We all interact with, and are influenced by, the thoughts and feelings composing the consciousness of this plane.

The Spiritual Body

The spiritual bodies comprise the next three levels of our being. In these bodies are the Higher Mental or Individual Soul, the Buddhic or Oversoul, and the Spirit. Even though these other levels of consciousness are integral parts of our being, it is difficult to access them because most of us do not know how to reach beyond the astral plane.

The energy of life originates in spirit. Energy cords link our spirit to our physical body to sustain its life. These cords are anchored in our heart and brain. The energy of consciousness originates in the physical body and we gradually build the bridge from the physical self to the soul as we evolve and gain experience, usually over many lifetimes. The development of this bridge of consciousness allows us to move from the lower self to the higher self. This energetic cord is called the “antakarana” and begins at the base of the spine