The 7 Rays of Divinity

Global Transformation We live in a sea of energy and the rays of divinity are its currents. These seven rays are the seven qualities through which the one life, the Creator, expresses itself. These seven energies create forms, meaning of life, and cosmic laws and push everything towards evolution. They are the builders of the universe. The seven rays have continuously passed in and out of manifestation and have left their mark on mankind down through the ages. Everything in our solar system is under the influence of a particular ray; every planet, every kingdom in nature, and every individual.

Ray 1 is the energy of will and power. This ray works both as a builder and as a destroyer. It brings cycles to an end in order to build anew. People benefit from the energy of Ray 1 when they dissolve outdated beliefs and patterns in order to progress, or when initiating new ideas.

Ray 2 is the energy of love and wisdom. It is the attractive force in the universe, creating all life. Ray 2 is the dominant ray in our solar system. As individuals, we express Ray 2 as love, compassion, or wisdom..

Ray 3 is the energy of active intelligence, which organizes all life. By producing synthesis in the physical plane, it brings the power to manifest and evolve. People influenced by Ray 3 are often involved in business and finance.

Ray 4 is the energy of harmony, beauty, and art. It is also the energy of harmony through conflict. It is the dual aspect of desire revealing the path to higher consciousness. In its duality, Ray 4 brings us the strength to fight and then the desire not to fight any longer and to reach peaceful cooperation.

Ray 5 is the energy of concrete knowledge and science. It brings revelation and understanding to the mind. It is the revealer of truth. People under its influence often participate in research because of their great accuracy and attention to detail.

Ray 6 is the energy of devotion, idealism, and sacrifice. It brings vision and the determination to follow it all the way without discrimination; often, unfortunately, to the exclusion of other people’s beliefs and ideas.

Ray 7 is the energy of ceremonial magic and order. It brings the manifestation of higher consciousness into matter. In its negative aspect, it can bring materialism. In its positive aspect it leads humanity to mental freedom, loving understanding, and spiritual aspiration.