Our Members

Board Members and Associates

Josiane d’Hoop
Board Chair and President of Quantum Institute International. She is an international teacher of metaphysics, meditation, alternative healing methods, and self-empowerment tools. She is a medical intuitive, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, and healer with clients and students around the world.

Ben Perry
Board member and Secretary of Quantum Institute International. He is currently Scenic Director of the North Carolina Public Television Network. He is a lifelong student of the Ageless Wisdom, yoga, meditation, nutrition and alternative healing methods.

Jane Dhiel
Board member and Treasurer of Quantum Institute International. She is a pharmacist working in clinical trial research, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance. She is a longtime student of metaphysics and energetic healing methods.

Bill Marcella
Massage therapist, bodywork teacher, and healer whose practice includes craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular therapy, Reiki, and other methods of energy healing. He is a longtime student of metaphysics and alternative and complimentary healing methods.

Judy Connor
Retired clinical trial researcher of long experience. She led a global team that developed a web-based clinical trial system tracking investigator performance. She is a longtime student of the spiritual path and a poet who writes of metaphysical experience. She practices Reiki energy healing.