Everything starts with a thought. When mind is in alignment with desire, manifestation happens

Manifestation Everything in creation starts with a thought.

We are a point of attraction. Our energy field is a magnetic field with both positive and negative poles. We receive what we project.

We create through the energy of our thoughts, which are propelled by our emotions. Our thoughts are like the car and our emotions, the engine.

When our mind is in alignment with desire, manifestation happens.

Thought follows intent; energy follows thought; physical action follows energy

Because creating positively or negatively follows the same process, deliberate creation requires clarity of intention. However, instead of creating with deliberate intention, often we create by default. For example, most of us don’t watch television programs or news with indifference. Thoughts and emotions are being generated as an unconscious and automatic response to the events broadcast and not usually with deliberate intention. We are reacting unconsciously rather that responding with intention, therefore adding to the mass consciousness and not always in the way we would like to.

We need to understand that all manifestation is affecting the quality of our energy field. When we create with materialistic or selfish intent, the energy we are using does not have the same resonance as when we have altruistic intents. Altruism invokes the energy of the soul, which automatically raises the vibration of our energy field. The first limits our progress and the second contributes to our spiritual growth.

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