We are living in the energetic aura of the Earth. We are affected by this energy and we affect it in return.

From the electromagnetic field of the atom to the electromagnetic field of the Earth, everything that exists is interrelated; affecting, influencing, and responding to every vibration in the field. We are interrelated not only with all other human beings but with all the other kingdoms in nature, e.g. animals, vegetables, and minerals. The human kingdom, through its development of the mind, is the most influential in its ability to use and project thoughts. Studies have shown that we are also able to affect the elements of the earth, e.g., changing the quality of water through the intentional projection of thoughts. Our personal development is crucial in both the reception and re-transmission of these energies to our environment and to other kingdoms in nature. All energy is both positive and negative. We are using the energy in a positive or negative way dependent upon our level of evolution. The more evolved we are, the more capable we are of using the energy in a positive way. Because we are connected to all other kingdoms, including the elements (earth, air, fire, water), we are re-transmitting the energies to them through our thoughts and emotions. They, in turn, respond according to their level of evolution, e.g., in the negative aspect creating weather patterns such as strong winds or floods. These events are the result of accumulation of the energies over time. The more we transmit positive thoughts and emotions to the other kingdoms in nature, the more we help them in their reaction and evolution, therefore influencing our own reality. (Link to studies on water)