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Manifestation – Innerchange Magazine by Josiane d’Hoop

The first step to manifestation is the understanding that thoughts create. They create who we are and the life we live. Thoughts are the basis of all manifestation. Energy follows thought. Our thoughts are energy propelled from our brain, putting in motion atoms and molecules. This energy envelops itself in etheric substance and becomes thought forms that vibrate in our energy field. When thoughts are projected with emotion such as desire, through the universal law of attraction and repulsion they magnetize with great strength what is projected, manifesting it in our reality. Therefore, we are affecting and producing what is happening to us through the way we think and what we focus on. We may not always like what we are experiencing, but the good thing is, as we have created these experiences, we have the potential to create something new!

The most important thing is to understand how we create, so that we can deliberately do so instead of creating by default. We too often take a passive attitude, and instead of thinking about what we want in our lives, we let our attention be captured by television programs or gossip stories that make us think about events and circumstances that we would not intentionally put in our reality. Remember, through the law of attraction, we attract what we project, so when we project fears, we attract what we fear. If we think about what we do not want, we attract what we do not want. If we project our needs, we send out a message of lack, and we attract more of the same. So the first rule for manifestation is to think about what we actually want.

The second element is to project what we want with emotion. Emotion gives strength to our wants; it propels the energy further and faster. It also keeps the focus on what we want to manifest and keeps the thought form alive. If our desire is strong (desire is emotion), we will project what we want until we get it.

The third element is to believe we can receive it. To create, positive thinking is not enough. If we desire something, but at the same time our conscious mind sends a message of disbelief, we will not manifest it. Why do we manifest our fears? Because we believe that the things we fear can happen. We project our thoughts with emotion (fear) and we believe it can happen, so we manifest our fears. Let us use the same law of attraction to transform our reality and create what we do want to experience in our lives. Let us use the emotion of love, joy or desire as a carrier for those projected thoughts. We will manifest a more positive outcome.

Many of us have noticed how rapidly some of our thoughts come to manifestation. This is due to the Seventh Ray of cosmic energy actually present in our solar system. This energy has been in manifestation since 1675 and will be present all along the Aquarian age. This energy is mainly here to help us bring Spirit into matter, allowing our spirits to manifest in our physical reality, linking our Souls to our personalities. It is a force that helps transform energy into matter. As with all other energies, it is up to us to use this force for positive purposes or for negative ones. Some people will use this powerful energy only to create material gain, and for selfish purpose. Some of us will use it as it is intended, to bring positive qualities and real values into our lives, like love or joy, and to answer the needs of others. This is up to us; polarity is in everything. If we choose materialism, it is the path of constant reincarnation. If we choose to reach for the value of the heart, it is the path of elevation and progress.

This same energy was present during the last part of the Atlantean time, and unfortunately we used it then for greed and power. The Seventh Ray is here now again to help us transform our world; will we do better this time? I trust we will.

So what about using our manifestation tool and understanding of it to create a world of peace and a life without prejudices? After all, the only thing we cannot create is what our mind cannot conceive. Can we all take five minutes of our day to imagine such a world, send this thought with Love, and believe it will happen? It is all that is needed if enough of us join in the power of our thoughts. Remember, Love attracts, but the mind attracts, repels and coordinates. What a powerful tool we are equipped with!

Josiane d’Hoop is a teacher of metaphysics, hypnotherapist, energy healer, and intuitive counselor. She helps people transform their lives, and guides them toward self-awareness and empowerment. She also conducts lectures, seminars and weekly study groups. To contact her, call 919/933-6612 or visit