How to Clear Emotions

Techniques to Clear Emotions

Recognize the emotion before it overcomes you. When we are caught up in an emotion, we lose much of our ability to reason and to access our wisdom. The sooner we recognize, or are aware of, the mounting emotion the easier it is to separate ourselves from it.

We are multi-dimensional beings who originate as souls. We have thoughts, and though they are a part of us, we are not our thoughts. We have emotions, and though they are a part of us, we are not our emotions. Therefore, our emotions are only a part of us and we can detach from them. (Read the Soul Recognition Mantra)

There are tips and tools we can use to detach from our unwanted emotions:

  1. First, take a deep breath. Remove yourself physically from the situation of possible. If not, remove your self mentally by changing your perspective. Imagine yourself 5 years in the future, looking back at the cause of your emotion. From this perspective, ask yourself: Is this event that important?
  2. Call on your higher self and simply ask him to clear the emotion.
  3. Whirlpool technique
  4. Divine Fire technique
  5. White light technique
  6. Detached observer technique – Focus on your emotion and look calmly at it. Become the detached observer. Ask your emotional nature to tell you what the difficulty is about. Listen. Try to understand this part of you. In doing so, you are engaging your higher mind and regaining the ability to reason. This method requires practice and you might not succeed the first time around.