How the Rays Have Affected Us

Rays The Rays that are presently in activity for the Earth’s evolution are:
Ray 2 – since 1575 AD
Ray 3 – since 1425 AD
Ray 5 – since 1775 AD
Ray 7 – since 1675 AD

Ray 4 will be coming into manifestation in 2025.

These energetic influences pass through all forms on Earth, not just humanity. They produce specific effects and define the different forms of life and particular expressions of consciousness.

Ray 2 is always in manifestation because it is the ray of our solar system and at the present time it is even more powerful.

Ray 3 will be in manifestation throughout the next 2,000 years of the Aquarian Age. During this period we should see real increases in the development of the intelligence of humanity, and with much speed.

Ray 4 gives us the power to achieve knowledge through discriminatory choices and always drives us towards harmony and beauty. It will lead many people into higher consciousness.

Ray 5’s influence has guided humanity into increasing knowledge. Its energy beats upon the mind of humanity and produces the stimulation behind all scientific development.

Ray 7 is the ray of manifestation and precipitation of karma. The major objective of Ray 7 is to bring down spirit into matter.

Ray 6 has been in manifestation for over 2,000 years, even before Christianity came about, and during the whole Piscean Age. Even though Ray 6 began to pass out of manifestation in 1625 AD, it is passing out slowly and we are still feeling its effects at the present time. We can see its affects through fanaticism for ideologies, and terrorism.

Ray 6 and Ray 7 together:
The main problems of today are brought about by the fact that two rays of great potency are functioning simultaneously. The most important struggle of now comes from the fact that Ray 6 is not completely out of effect, and Ray 7 is not yet in full force. People under Ray 6 influence try to hang onto the past, while people under the influence of Ray 7 bring an entirely new way of thinking.

The positive effect of these two rays being in influence together is that their opposition stimulates human thought. Ray 7, by its quality of manifestation in the physical realm, will bring into expression the idealism created by Ray 6.

Even thought these rays are pushing us to evolve, it does not infringe on our free will because we always have a choice in how to respond, in a more spiritual or materialistic way, each according to our level of development.

We are individually composed of, and influenced by several of the Rays, through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual natures.