At the root of fear is lack of trust in our ability to control our circumstances. It is an expression of the lower self. Fear comes from the limited perception of the lower self (personality vehicle). There are several basic kinds of fear: fear of past or potential trauma, fear of the unknown, and fear of not having our needs met.

Fear is a very potent energy. It is important to distinguish between real, and therefore useful fear, and false fear. Real fear is the signal to warn us of potential danger in the present. Real fear is a warning sign and often related to immediate danger. Real fear is useful and we need to pay attention to it.

False fears are projections of the mind. They are often generated by memories of past events projected into the future or they come from the creative imagination anticipating the future, projecting possible, but improbable, danger. (Read about Clearing Emotions)

We need to remember the potency of our thoughts. Either negatively or positively we potentially manifest what we project. In fear all the components are present for manifestation: the thoughts and the emotions propelling the thoughts. We need to monitor our thoughts and remember that we are creating our future with each present thought.