Death & Rebirth

Life is eternal, manifesting through multiple bodies to develop the consciousness of the soul.

The soul, in agreement with the personality, decides on the time of death. And even though most of us are fearful of death, it is, in reality, a freeing experience. In the death experience we reconnect with loving souls we have known and evolved with for eons of time and are freed from the limitation of the physical body. Compared to birth, where the consciousness is limited to the helpless body of an infant in unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances, the experience of death should be less feared.

During the sleep state, we leave our physical body and travel in the astral plane. We re-enter it though the energetic connection linking the soul to the body. The only difference between death and sleep is that at the time of death, the soul severs the energetic connection, which prevents us from the re-entry into the physical body.

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